Bad T25 Reviews

Looks like a good program but 4-5 of my DVDs didnt work. Mass producing a product then not checking it for quality control . Not smart ! I had to send it back . Too bad , i was reallylooking forward to using it right after New Years ! Disapponting . : (

I have been using p90x for years, additionally have been in athletic condition for most of my life. I have never had any phsyical issues or pain anywhere prior to the use of this program. This will cause you to have joint issues in your knees, due to this I sometimes have issues doing something as simple as changing direction while walking. Buyer beware you do not want this to happen.

Disappointed that this set does not include all the DVDs for the program. It’s a partial set. Wish the set had all the program DVDs for Alpha and Beta.

The Shaun T’s FOCUS T25 DVD Workout – Base Kit was received missing two DVDs: AB Intervals and Core Speed. I contacted Beachbody on 12/25/13 and gave me a confirmation number told me I would get the missing items shortly. After almost a month I have still not gotten them. Contacted Beachbody today (1/15/14) and they told me they will not correct the order, Amazon has to. He gave me a new request number for the two missing DVDs. I am very disappointed in the purchase of the product and extremely disappointed in the customer service.

I was so excited to get this in the mail. I was discouraged as soon as I put the DVD into the machine. First, have fun waiting for the workout to begin. The five minute intro is just enough time to lose motivation. I get it, buy Shakeology! Finally, the workout begins. The moves happen so fast, by the time you finally get it right, they’re three moves ahead and you’ve missed two or three. Half the time, you’re doing exercises where you can’t even see the video. The core video is the worst. I’m face down in a plank. Ummm, can’t see anything. What should I be doing? look up and their doing something totally different than they were 30 seconds ago. I kept having to hit pause to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. If you’re after something you can catch onto quickly, this isn’t it. I know many have seen success with it, but they must have had 25 screens surrounding them, either that, or eyes in the back of their head. I’m really disappointed.

Money SCAM. I ordered My beach body T25 workout by phone and was given the whole sales pitch and I confirmed the price three times with “Rosa” my sales person. As a “special” she was throwing in numerous freebies like a few free discs, stretch bands, mat, protein shake and vitamins. Yes it sounded too good to be true so I am again checked the price of everything and was told twice that it was all the same and these extras were free as I was paying all at once and not using the three installments. I received my box of T25 and all the “free” goodies only to find that the cost was more than double ($295.40) what I had been quoted ($119.85 + S&H). I called customer services and when I eventually got my call answered (they must have a lot of customers calling with concerns) I explained my problem and a very laid back guy said I could just send it back, which I have done. He seemed unfazed by my experience as though I was just another one he was hearing of that day. He even tried at first to tell me they would reimburse me everything apart from the shipping and my sales tax. I challenged him on the tax issue and he let that go. Sent the entire SCAM box back today and will see what and when I get as a refund. Beware of this program!!

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